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Lie, Cheat & Steal!

4.0 ( 1360 ratings )
Hry Board
Vývojář: Donald Wilson
0.99 USD

Lie, Cheat, and Steal! is the classic board game of unscrupulous politics. You and one to five of your shifty friends can get in on the dirty-dealing, back-stabbing, and thinly disguised thievery that make up the real political world. You buy and sell votes, steal from the public treasury, and libel the other players to get ahead. The Senate may investigate you. The Press will attack you. You may even go bankrupt. But dont give up! Lie, Cheat, and Steal! gives you plenty of opportunities to come back and win.

This game depends on keeping your activities secret, so it is best played live over the internet, with each player using their own device. But it is possible to play with others on a single device, with extra care. You can also play on your own against "the Machine", to get the hang of it. You can also get our new LCSFree product, which only has single device capabilities (and upgrade to this app when you want to play online - its a LOT more fun).

The online multi-player game includes either text or voice chat capabilities.